Ventotene Islands, Italy 2010 Project

The 2010 Project
The 2010 project kicked off with more side scan lines extending the area covered in 2008 and 2009. Furthermore, sub bottom profiler data were gathered of the shipwrecks. For much of AURORA’s time on Ventotene, the team were accompanied by a crew from Windfall Productions who are shooting a documentary for National Geographic. For the second successive year, the AURORA team participated in deep diving operations aimed at obtaining high resolution video images. This season we also recovered an amphora from one of the sites.

Project Operations
In order to achieve the abovementioned aims, the Trust deployed its Klein System 3900 side scan sonar and its Klein 3310 Sub Bottom Profiler which was deployed from the MV ISIS. The fish was towed along a series of predetermined lines which were laid out in a triangular form around the islands. This ensured the methodical coverage of the remaining area earmarked for survey.

ROV & Deep Water Dives
We deployed the ROV to obtain further footage of the sites and also to support deep dives obtaining high resolution video images of the two sites not filmed in 2009. Top Italian underwater photographer, Roberto Rinaldi, worked with the AURORA Trust and the Ministero dei beni Culturali and was assisted by dive expert Marco Donato.

In order to better understand the discovered sites it was decided to recover a sample from one of the five shipwrecks. In a delicate, well-planned operation supported by a fantastic team of Carabinieri divers, one amphora was recovered from a depth of 100 meters. This was transferred to the museum of Ventotene where they it will be desalinated, restored and eventually displayed.

AURORA sponsored the display of the objects retrieved from the sites the Trust discovered off Ventotene. This summer, a new ‘AURORA room’ was inaugurated with footage of the shipwrecks displayed on a flat screen and information panels explain the wrecks and the objects on display.

For photos of project click (here)