1. Spain:
A large scale archaeological survey of the seabed off Cartagena harbour, Spain.

2. Malta:
This project is aimed at surveying a deepwater multi-shipwreck site off the coast of Malta.

3. Syracuse:
Locating the remains of the battle fought in 413 BC at the mouth of Syracuse harbour.

4. Italy:
A comprehensive survey of the seabed around the island of Ventotene off the coast of Italy.

5. France:
An expedition to the wreck site of HMCS Athabaskan, a Canadian WWII Destroyer.

6. Aeolian Islands:
Looking for shipwrecks off the island of Panarea.

7. Capri Islands:
Looking for shipwrecks off the island of Capri

The Aurora Trust was formed to advance the world’s understanding of the ocean environment, most particularly its marine cultural heritage hidden for thousands of years on the seafloor and to educate the public concerning the historic role the oceans have played in connecting different cultures; its commerce and conflicts. Aurora has assembled a world class team of marine archeologists and ocean scientists to undertake exploration of the seafloor in search of the lost remains of our maritime past. The Aurora team, utilizing state of the art tools to explore the ocean depths has made numerous magnificent discoveries in the marginal waters of countries bordering the Mediterranean Sea.