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The most interesting man in the sea (read article)



Exploring the Ocean Depths in Comfort (read article)



The Aurora Trust Offers Civilians The Chance To Discover Deep Sea Treasure (read article)


Alert Diver

Onward and Downward
Ian Koblick’s big idea to save marine archaeology (read article)

archeologia viva

Italian magazine. Aurora Trust is cover story (read article)

Top Flight

Russian magazine. Article is in Russian (page 24) (read article)


Sicilian Secrets Revealed (read article)


Blue Line in 2015 Blue Line – Aeolian Islands: Salina and Panarea (Air date July 17, 2015)
We appear in the 40-minute mark (view video)


New Aurora Finds WWll Submarine HMS Olympus Near Malta (read article)

The Guardian

US diving crew finds wreck of British submarine used in second world war (read article)

The New Cousteaus (read article)


Archaeologists discover five Roman shipwrecks untouched since they sank nearly 2,000 years ago (read article)


Sonar scanners find ancient wrecks off Italian coast (Read article)

New Florida Keys-based nonprofit seeks out ancient Mediterranean shipwrecks (read article)

Ocean explorers comb Keys’ deep waters for shipwrecks (read article)


Secrets of the Dead | Lost Ships of Rome
Watch the full episode of Aurora investigate ancient Roman shipwrecks on PBS (view video)


Shipwreck may reveal marine trade routes (view article)


In the Florida Keys, divers from around the country learn how to map shipwrecks and apply their skills on a mysterious 19th Century slave ship. When diving isn’t possible, professional explorers use high-tech tools to scan objects buried beneath the seafloor. (view video)

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